Casino games for your android mobile phone

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Position on the Poker table offers a tremendous advantage.

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To suggest, however, to maximum advantage from it, you have to use a tactic I call ambiguous aggression. They bring a lot of Poker download and Sportwetten wetten bets and raises in position. Sometimes they point to a strong hand, and to announce further bets and raises. In other cases, these are to bluff or semi-bluff. And in other cases they are nothing more than an arrangement with an essentially weak hand. The maneuver to reach the free showdown is a great tool that falls into the third category - usually these are a positional arrangement. How it works: you are heads up and have to turn the position. Your opponent bets. You raise with the intention to put any more money. After a re-raise you give to the hand. However, your opponent calls and checks on the river, check out also. Calls and he is on the river, you are going to fold, although this decision may sometimes be difficult. The maneuver can be applied to both limit and no-limit, but there is in the execution within the two versions differ slightly. Here is an example of limit hold'em: You have H10S10 raise, calls pre-flop and the big blind. The flop comes SqS9C5, your opponent checks, you bet and he raises. He plays aggressively on the flop, so does his check-raise does not necessarily mean that you are beaten. They assume that your opponent would raise with any pair and any straight or flush draw. You call. The turn is the C3, is your enemy and you raise. This is a maneuver for a free showdown, ie They intend to fold to a reraise and a check on the river behind. Like every turn during the maneuver for a free poker showdown in some situations is good enough in others. It has strengths and weaknesses, and you should then apply, if his strengths come into play. Banner: The Raiser's Edge The usefulness The maneuver for a free showdown has two major advantages: First They often gain the maximum against a player who semiblufft. Second Sometimes do you manage to get an opponent to a better hand to fold. Let's say you have a modest but acceptable hand that has little chance of improvement. The pair of tens in the above example is typical. In a certain number of cases it is the best hand, so it probably pays to get to the showdown. Is it back but the gap is large because you have only two outs against someone with a lady. The most commonly encountered playing with this hand would be to submit to the enemy's aggression, and twice - to call - on the turn and river. Against many opponents you would embed with a check on the river even. But what about when your opponent semiblufft with a flush or straight draw? He checkraises with a semi-bluff on the flop and you call. Then he sits on the turn and hopes for your fold. They call, however, he missed his draw and gives up on the river. He checks, you bet and he folds. With this game, you take your opponent to draw his two bets on the flop and the turn off. However, you raise the turn, he must pay an additional bet. He can check and fold on the river, but before he had to pay two bets on the turn. The maneuver for a free showdown costs the semi bluffing more. Does your opponent with a made hand, he sometimes folds. The course can be beneficial for you, because it was not his outs (usually there are five) drawen, he also occasionally fold the better hand. Generally speaking, the maneuver works for a free showdown so well against players who act aggressively on the flop out of position with a wide range of back off, but, when faced with aggression on the turn. The disadvantages The obvious drawback of this play is that for 3-bet bluff on the turn and one last bluff on the river are vulnerable. She is sure a way that your opponent is docile, if you can play on the turn, the muscles. In many areas, especially in live casinos at tables with medium stakes, you can rely on the opponent's reaction quite well. But on the internet, and in many high-stakes no-limit games, this is not so reliable. A bluff reraise is a disaster for the maneuver for a free showdown. Typically, you apply it with hands that you want to see the showdown. The aim is also to maximize - with the worst hand, you lose two bets anyway, but gaining a little more with the best hand. The maneuver also offers you a slight gain, if it works. From a profit is a slightly larger gain. You are but a re-raise bluffed out of hand, you suffer a great loss and a narrow win is a harsh penalty. Thus the maneuver for a free showdown works well, may be only a bluff re-raise-a rare threat. The situation is similar with the threat of your opponent's bet on the river. He sits on the turn, you reraise and he calls. The river is a blank and he is. Or one of the draws to come, but the other is not, and your opponent. Now what? Frequently, the pot is tempting pot odds and your choice is not unique. You have a hand that you wanted to bring the showdown and perhaps it's worth it still. Today, your opponents often tricky and it certainly is not unheard of that you have been bluffing to a raise on the turn. In this case, there is no clear recipe for success. Sometimes talking the pot odds and the likelihood of a bluff for a unique fold and sometimes unique to a call. In cases where you see committed to the call, you maneuver for a free showdown has failed because you have to pay two bets instead of three. This is the inherent danger in maneuvering for a free showdown and usually you must evaluate each situation independently. The more your opponent bets on the river, however, the less you should try the maneuver for a free showdown. In my next article I will elaborate on the maneuver for a free showdown at No Limit. powered by


Poker Strategy: Reading the hands on the turn

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By Ed Miller, Wednesday. 05th October 2011 Tags Gaming strategy, miller Once you have determined a range for the hand of the opponent on the flop, reading the manual is on the turn with relative ease. The turn card has improved the hand of her opponent, either or not. Hands can improve on the turn in the following manner: - A draw may be complete. - A couple can be flopped two pair or trips. - The opponent can get a pair. - The opponent can get a second draw. - The board can 'Bricken', are so dangerous for a ready hand. As an example, a turn 2 on a T98 board with KK was called on the hand. There are other ways that can improve a hand on the turn, but this should be the main scenarios. Excerpt from "How To Read At No-Limit Hold'em Hands " by Ed Miller Tip # 14: A player who get called on the flop and has improved on the turn, is rarely fold. The matter is simple, intuitive, and usually very reliable: Everyone who calls on the flop and will be improved on the turn, call again (or raise). There are a few exceptions. If you make a massive overbet, you can bring opponents to fold, a 'normal' bet would be even called. Even 'nits', that is very passive player who can not bear the risk of folding, sometimes if they have improved only slightly on the turn. An example is a turn-called six card with 67 on the hand in a 982-board. In general, however, a rule of thumb: call or raise, the player if they have improved. If they do not improve, they do generally continue with strong flopped hands, with the weaker they fold. On the turn you should know about how many hands have improved in the range of your opponent is. That should give you an idea how the enemies react to an increase. Here's an example: In a $ 1 - $ 2 game with stacks of $ 300 two players limp and you raise from the button to $ 12 The big blind calls, just like one of the limpers. The pot is $ 39, you have $ 288 in your stack. The flop comes. Both players check to you. You bet $ 30, the big blind goes out, calls the other players. Now are $ 99 in the pot and you do not have $ 258 in front of them. What is the range of your opponent? Here the range, with an average player open limps-: 44-22, A7s-A2s, K9s-KTs, JTs, 54s, 75s-QTs, Q9s-96s, A9o-A2o, KJo-K9o, QJo-98o, QTo . Let us have the hands to count the 77-55 range and considered, so the possibility of a six-flopped sets. We must never forget, of course, that the ranges can be kept in this book in general terms. In reality, this must, of course, precisely adjust the game to their opponent's hands and add or omit. Which of these hands could have made a flop? Answer: 66, A6s, KT-K9s, JT-65s, QTs-86s, Q9s, T7S-96s, As7s, As5s-As2s, 5s4s, 7s5s, Js8s, A6o, KJo-K9o, QJo-98o and QTo. On this very coordinated flop could have taken the enemy with his range quite a few hands. Note that almost all 'connected Hands' is either a pair or a gutshot have hit on the flop. Let us divide the starting hands into strong and weak: Strong: 66, KT-K9s, As7s, As5s-As2s, JsTs-8s7s, 9s7s-QSTS, Qs9s, Ts7s, KJo-K9o, QJo Weak: A6s, JT-65s, QTs-86s, Q9s, T7S-96s, 5s4s, 7s5s, Js8s, A6o, JTo-98o, QTo The weak hands on the flop are mainly three types of hands flopped pairs that are lower than top pair, Gutshots and small flush draws. The strong hands have top pair or better, nut flush draws and combo draws, so straight and flush draws and pair plus flush draw. As you can see, the number of possible strong and weak hands is about the same. Because there are many very weak hands, turn the card will be crucial if your opponent calls the turn or not. Let's say the turn card comes. How many weak hands will improve this map? No. If you bet on the Turn $ 70 into the $ 99 pot, the opponent should therefore fold in most cases. What if the turn comes? The same story. None of the bad hands has improved again and would probably be folded in most cases. How about on the turn? Now we have a potential improvement. In particular, the following weaker hands have gained: and 65s. One could also think of 87s (no spades), here there is an open-end straight draw. However, it is questionable whether the opponent is hereby goes along a bet on the turn. and disappear from the list because that is turned up on the board. But wait! Has it not always flush draw just improved? Clear. But because of the flop 'connected' is almost always flush draw is to qualify in the hand of your opponent as strong. They are either nut flush draws or straight draws and flush combo or just pair and flush draw. During the flush card, the overall strength of your opponent's range has improved, the rather weak hands have hardly improved. Thus, a good map to be bluffing. How about the on the turn? The board would then. This card improves most of the weaker hands. 87s is the street. T9 (offsuit and suited), and 96s to be two pair. JT, 98, 76s, QT, J9s-86s, T7S Q9s and improve all the pair plus gutshot. and to improve combo draws. Only a few of the weaker hands have not improved: A6, and 65s. Since this card has improved so many weak hands, you should expect your turn bet here, at least one call. Tip # 15: Turn-cards that are lower than the lowest card on the board and improve turn-cards that pair the board, usually relatively few hands. Turn-cards, making the three cards to a possible road, such as a 9 improve on a KT6-flop, much more hand combinations. In the above example, the 9 improved as many hands as they are with KT and T6 on the flop 'links' and allows so many roads. Accordingly, JT improve and 76 plus a pair gutshot. Cards such as Q or 7 would also improve some hands but not as much as the 9 This text is an excerpt from Ed Miller's new book How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold'em, which will appear soon. from:


Some Bay 101 updates

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On 2 Day of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star in San Jose was the big new hero Local hero Faraz "The-Toilet" Jaka, as one of the leaders in appearance, thus further cementing his reputation as one of the best players in this year's Tour. Jaka took the game in the dorms at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, during his studies of economics and business administration. Soon began playing live in the Bay 101, when he was at home and online during school hours. He quickly made great progress already achieved great gains and soon won packages to all high-stakes poker events around the globe. However, when he at the PokerStars European Poker Tour for 1 1 / 2 years with this and had also participated several times in the WPT, which earned him not a single additional penny. But then, a year ago, turned the tide suddenly at home, and that huge! He skims in 2009 at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star in a big way, before eventually the hard-fought WSOP $ 5K Six-Max event as the 3rd completed. Then, as Jaka 2nd at the Bellagio Cup last summer was, and a 3rd Reached number when Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic in December 2009, he took the lead in the ranking of "World Poker Tour's Player of the Year," he pauses as before. If you also participate in the final table of the inaugural PokerStars North American Poker Tour $ 25k Bounty Shootout with high roller, then his total income amounted almost 2 million U.S. dollars in live tournaments during the past twelve months. "But it borders on irony, considering how much I've played this tournament already, and then suddenly out of nowhere, the successes have been set, although I have only minimal changes things. Of course, my game improved consistently over the time, but I would not really say that I changed something fundamental. " Despite the rough start of his career when he played thousands of tournaments and earned U.S. dollars 1 million online before he could even take the first walk in the high-stakes live tournament, let it be known the 24-year-old from San Jose, his confidence was always been steadfast: "I was always convinced that I was good enough to make it to the top and that the result would soon be set - it was only a matter of time." Amid all his current success, of course, still lacks a crucial thing that would make even an old turn green with envy Poker Pro: Winning a major tournament. "I'm definitely ready for a win," said Jaka. "It's so frustrating to be only 2 and I certainly am very hungry for the big success". However, he is smart enough to know that the opportunities for such a victory will not last forever offer. "Things are going fantastic for me this year and I realize that this will not remain permanently so." In the end, Jaka, like so many players also hoping to just do his best to be able to enter the chip, and wherever the opportunity arises to prefer, of course, here in his hometown of San Jose. "It is the place where I grew up, so I'd be lying if I said it was a tournament like any other for me."

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Here I learned to play and I have so many fond memories with this place here I just like many of the dealers from four or five years yet know. It would be really a great thing to do well here at this tournament. "


Poker Pro Annie Duke

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Annie Duke are not many women in the professional poker scene, but that has not stopped Annie Duke. It is one of the most famous female poker players, and sister of the famous poker professor Howard Lederer (who taught her in the remainder of the poker). She has admitted that many men underestimate them at the poker table ... and they exploited this fact to their advantage. But "being a woman," she says, gives you "a clear advantage over your male counterparts." As she worked on her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, she was seduced by her brother to meet with him in Las Vegas to see the WSOP. Here, Howard showed his little sister for the first time the ups and downs in Texas Hold'em. 1992, after 5 years on the faculty, she left the academic life to devote more time to her family and to play more poker. She went with her husband to Montana and began playing in local poker sites. Once again, she encouraged her brother to go to Las Vegas, do not watch this time around, but play on a few WSOP events, where she made the final table almost at her first tournament. She was in that first year for poker events in Las Vegas sufficiently successful to attract her and her family are held here. Their success at the tables stopped and in 2004 she won her first gold WSOP bracelet. In August of that year, she beat eight of the world's best poker player and won the No-Limit Texas Hold'em World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. Annie Duke is a mother of four children, divorced and currently in Southern California at home. She has begun another, as for example the actor Ben Affleck spend playing poker with (the 2004 poker championship States of California won. Your total earned income from the tournament until 2007 exceeded three million U.S. dollars. They can be found on Ultimate Bet as an online player where it is one of the ongoing poker professionals.


Who is Martonas?

08.24.09 (11:27 am)   [edit]

Lots of rumors about the identity, hidden behind the name Martonas, currently deal with this in various poker forums. The fact is that were played under that name than 25,000 no-limit hands of the smallest blind from 5 / 10 to the big 500/1000. For just over a week Martonas challenges the biggest names in the poker scene and here is still clearly positive. So who is this Martonas? Or is the question wrong question and should be: Who are Martonas? Most often that is speculated that it is in Martonas to a joint account of Sweden and Jonas Martin De Knjiff "Nebuchad" Danielsson. The name would thus be a merger of their two first names. Evidence but there are none. Others suspect the Swedish soccer player Marcus Allbäck behind. This has been playing for several years under different names at high stakes tables. Currently, he kicks in the Swedish Elite Division. Again, it is not beyond speculation. Even if we do not know exactly who is the phantom of poker, we know that it could win in August, about 1.5 million U.S. dollars on Full Tilt's highest table. Moreover, just bring the uncertain, mysterious element, a certain tension in the poker world. Not only why we are such person or persons must keep firmly in mind.

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Woman rocks at online Poker

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The third final of the Club Everest Poker Soccer Challenge has ended, and although the men as usual in the true majority, sat down at the end by a woman. Meike Busch was among the best four players of the evening. This means that it is the first and so far only woman in the grand finale of the Everest Poker Soccer Challenge females represented.

The entire first team of Hanover 96 was at the opening event and six players had it not take the cards into their own hands. Midfielder Salvatore Zizzo Hannoverian view from the least fortunate. As the 80th He was the first sail and farewell from the tournament. Shortly afterwards followed the pro-defense Vinicius Bergantin. Striker 96-Jan Schlaudraff reached 62nd place Bastian Schulz Rank 61 was just a touch better. Had a real run on the other hand, Sergio Pinto. With 33 square he just missed the upper third. The best strategy in the football professionals presented clearly Morten Jensen on the day. Sovereign played the young goalkeeper to round after round and reached the front rank 16th

The later the evening more exciting was the match. Lastly, it was around four tickets, for only the four best gamers were in 96-Hanover squad recorded. Not for the next league game. They support the cadre of Hannover 96 in the final of the Everest Poker Soccer Challenge, which is the end of the year in the BayArena in Leverkusen is taking place. It says, against a further five teams to claim the Bundesliga clubs: Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, Hertha BSC and Karlsruher SC.

The football fans Fabian Randla, Bernd Schlichting and Mark Dörlitz ergatterten the coveted seats. The first time in the young history of the Soccer Challenge, a woman won a online poker seat in the team finals. Meike Busch showed strong nerves and began to skillfully against the outnumbered men by.



Beat'Em all

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Whether you take a strong hand or a clean set Bluff, at the end z? Hlt just who wins. Join the gr? Ten poker tournament, ever in a European casino was organized.  Autumn is time poker. If it drau en fr? H dark looking man sociable rounds of the winter depression under control: Here stands Casinos Austria. On 22 November calls Casinos Austria to his zw? Lf locations simultaneously to gr? Ten europ? European poker tournament on. F? R only 100 euros erh? Lt everyone in the zw? Lf casinos 5000 chips. Go to 15.30,? Sterreichweit.

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Freeroll for new players to poker LuckyAce

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New members who have an account on LuckyAcePoker open and made a deposit, you can at $ 3500 freeroll join.

In addition, the online poker room daily $ 5000 and $ 10,000 guaranteed tournaments. Every Sunday is one of the biggest weekly guaranteed tournaments with $ 80000, at the very many players participate.

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with bankroll management to success

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How do I become a successful poker player? (check and choose your online poker room!) In order to succeed long term to play poker, you have obviously much to learn about poker. Above all we must collect a lot of experience to his own strategies to develop and to properly assess situations can be. But even the best player can not win every game! Poker is also basically a strategy game, which can vorraussetzt, so each game can be lucky enough to decide. One is now a successful player, when you're in a big tournament for first place won, or if you have long expected more profit than loss has? Probably the best Texas Hold'em player of all time, Stu Unger was expected in the long term a loser, because his bank roll has not respected. Although he has over the years about 30 million U.S. dollars at poker won, he died impoverished. Players such as Unger, or even Mike the Mouth often borrow large sums of money in the "Big Game" to stay, but after winning their first pay off their debts before their bank roll back one of them. Fundamentally: "It is much easier to lose than anything with nothing and started to make big profits. Therefore, it is important always only a small percentage of its banking Rolls suddenly at risk. The individual then falling profits while smaller, but you can also thirst for a longer stretch without Bridging its entire existence as a poker player's game to be set. Chris Ferguson has once from 1 U.S. dollars to 20,000 U.S. dollars. This was only a disciplined bankroll management possible. He has assembled some rules imposed to which it has strictly kept. He never played Sit & Go with a Buy In greater than 5% of its banking Rolls and no multi-table tournament with a buy in larger than 2% of its banking Rolls. If a cash game the whole money on the table more than 10% of its banking Rolls represents, he left the table before the blinds reached him. After a series loss should be back at a lower limit on going. The most common mistake is to try its losses through greater potential gains in higher limits quickly offset. One loses, the roll Bank even more vulnerable. Who now believes it would be fun on the wayside, you should wonder whether he really loves playing poker or simply the "Gambling." source: